Home Inspections

    Inspections on properties are one of the most misunderstood areas of the closing process. According to the SC contract, an inspector is to make sure that the heating systems, air conditioning systems, electrical systems, plumbing systems, water supply systems, water waste systems to be conveyed are in operative condition, to make the roof free of leaks, to address environmental concerns and the home owner is to make any improvements structurally sound.

    Things such as the age of the appliances or AC can be a problem because they are still working as they are supposed to be. It is better for you to take note of things that are of concern to you, such as a hole in the wall, fogged windows, cracked tiles or anything else that the inspection does not cover. Include those areas in the contract, so there is no misunderstanding of what you want corrected.

    An inspector will usually point out things that are not a part of the inspection as general information for the purchaser, such as the age of the HVAC or water heater, and the life expectancy of those items. This gives you as the buyer good information as to when you might need to replace them.

    Not understanding the areas of the inspection process can become a major issue when asking for repairs to be completed. This is a complicated area because the seller may say it is working, as it is supposed to work, even though it may not be for long.

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